Thai lottery 1-12-2014 master tip Rubik

Thai lottery 1-12-2014 rubik

Thai lottery 1-12-2014 rubik

The hints are here for the test of luck on 1 12 2014 and would be decided by the Thailand lottery 01-12-2014. Several hopefuls all wishing some fortune. Fret not for here is the latest Thai tip with which you can make 3up HTF, 2 down Tass and single lonely digit guesses. The formula for the next Thai lotto chart lies in the cube on the left. Square the numbers in different colors and write them down on a piece of paper or notepad and then repeat the process several times. See the combinations and mixtures of Thai lotto play numbers in different ways. The chart route or the method used to guess the thai paper 1-12-2014 is the perfect way to arrive at the winning 3 digits or 2 digits.

My top pick for 2 digits is going to be in the 40s. The behavior of 2 digit winning numbers in the past reveals that what goes around comes around just like the asteroids that visit the son in some bizzare yet predictable way so is the Thailand lotto 1-12-2014 favorite tail digits.

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