Progressive results for Thai lottery 1-11-2016

November is the most stable month in terms of getting the data from 10 months before Thai lottery 1-11-2016. It is easier to look at Simple patterns of winning digits in different categories. This time, nature is a big factor in getting Thai lottery 3up. Tails and pairs for the up and down charts are presented with an ascending order of relevance. What we think of as the best first set is depicted in addition to Thai lottery hints 1.11.2016.
A couple of years ago, a popular tip paper was presented with a very large tree in the background, the numbers seen in that picture were indeed special. The title stated Thai lottery special tips and when the draw happened, it proved itself.



What are the implied clues?

Clues are never to be taken literally. 9 is shown as the most important digit in the next draw on November 1, 2016. How it translates to a useful clue largely depends on the ability of the player to make pairs and use them in scissors formula meaning take 2 pairs and chop one out and add 9 to get the 3up HTF for Thai lotto up Tass Nov 1 2559. Broadly speaking, 9 will emerge as a common number in all the categories of Thai lottery results 1-11-2016.

Thai lottery November 1, 2016 infographic



Digits that matter to 1/11/2016 are those that are either there or not. What some people call Hot digits.
They can be juggled into umpteen to get the right golden numbers. Thailand lotto up and down tass will be reflective of these. That’s for sure on many counts. Let’s try and make sense of the VIP digits from the infographic which is guiding the process of selecting Thailand lotto picks in 123.

What’s the price of a Thai lottery ticket in November 2016?

It’s still 80 THB. As always you get a pair of tickets with consecutive numbers on them and that’s how it is. They will never sell a single ticket. If you are used to buying raffle tickets in the Uk or the lotto at 7-11 in the USA then this might surprise you. It has its advantages, just in case you get lucky it’s a double whammy. It is necessary to be clear on your priorities, know what part of the lottery do you want to play and win and focus your energies on those. There have been instances of people buying 10 tickets in a package that are sold in a special packet. these are hand picked tickets which are thought to stand a good chance by the vendor. Well, it’s totally up to the player to make a decision on whether to trust the Vendor’s judgment or not.

Common locations to buy Thai lottery tickets

Luckiest places o buy Thai lottery tickets (not if you are playing some other games in another country.) are at temples and markets. Almost every fresh market sells them. My advice to all the aspiring lottery winners is this – Buy them when you feel lucky and pleasant. Sometimes you just don’t feel right about a place selling lotto, so avoid those and find somewhere where it feels OK to great.

My wild picks or wild card entries for the top 2 down digits would be 88 and 70. You may also want to check some other inspiring statistics read on about recent papers like in a magazine only to relate them to the current and upcoming Thailand lottery draw on 1/11/2016. They will make an unconscious impact on your ability to come up with the best numbers in a six line and the 4 PC sets. Truly VIP stuff.
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