December 16 Thai lottery result 2016 hints



The second one in a row. December is the 12th month of the year and is backed by the entire year’s data to get at the possible clues for 3up HTF and 2 down. We shall use the winning charts since 2014.  Every 16 December 2016 Thai lottery result are here. Check and see which ones are not important, they are 100% sure close for Thai lotto 16/12/2016. So use your intuition and all the experience that your mind has collected. It acts without you knowing about it. It’s the way It is programmed. 8 will be less visible on 1st Dec 2016. December 16, 2016 should have 7/9/8 as the leading single digit and the most dominating number in the final results.  This incredible piece of information will multiply the chances of guessing the right winning digits. it will be between a few numbers compared to the innumerable options that present themselves otherwise. VIP Thai lottery tip series will continue with another astonishing clue for Thai lottery results 16-12-2016. It’s fairly simple to understand as they will b e more pictures and lesser words in the new sure bonded Thailand lotto papers.

How to use this data for picking Thai lottery 16-12-2016 digits?

Thai lottery results every month and year almost never win in consecutive years. It is an observation you can see from the image containing Thai lottery result 2011-2015 in Thai years 2554 – 2558. This is written in stone. Let the hamster turn your wheel to fully grasp what I’m saying. If you see what i see then it is no longer so confusing. You don’t have to be thinking all the time, instead look at what happened then and what might happen in the next few weeks. Relax, look for clues make notes and go find your tickets wherever you are either in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia or in Thailand itself.


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