3up HTF Thai lottery 30-12-2016 cut digit formula

This formula shall give you the best 3up HTF digits for Thai lottery 30-12-2016. Visible to the intellectual eye or the third eye. top 3 numbers for look at are 3 5 0. The clue images specify the relationship between these numbers. Higher digits will be the ending numbers in the set. 4pc in a sixline is critical.

3up HTS thai lottery 30-12-2016

3up HTS thai lottery 30-12-2016

The orange boxes are indicative of the first priority in the selection of Thailand lottery numbers 30-12-2016.
Blue ones represent the second order of choice of picks. and it repeats for the third column. To correctly interpret use the following instructions. Firstly see them as they are. Then look at the vertical combination of digits. You must see it in different angles including the diagonal. It will become insanely easy to predict this way.

onwards ever onwards should be the motto while fishing for numbers. this is just one paper. Thailand lottery official results will be announced on 30th of December 2016 a day before the new year’s eve 2017. January results tend to confuse a lot of players who are new to reading Thai lotto tips. There is only one draw in January and it could happen on the 16th or 17th January 2017. So three draws in December 2016.

I wish the best of luck in all your trials in 2017. read this and other interesting articles on Thai lottery guess work always for free on Thaibahts.net. I try my best to give you a different opinion based on what i think are good tips. The next paper will deal with the down numbers for 30.12.2016.